January 14, 2022

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

It’s time to hit the ICE! This winter we’re expanding adventures from fat bikes and snowshoes for the snow to new icy additions for skaters and non-skaters. Explore the Nestaweya Rier Trailtrail presented by the Winnipeg Foundation at The Forks in a whole new way on an ice bike or ice trike. Don’t skate? Have unique abilities? Does falling hurt a little more these days? Want to try something new? Ice bikes and ice trikes offer an alternative option to skating with no balance required. Ice cycling might be your new winter activity.

Ice bikes from KendricksThe Ice Bike, ice cycle, might just be your cadillac for the ice. Vintage meets solid stainless steel design with a solid step on platform for ease and a total of five blades for ultimate balance. A front light allows you to explore the trail at night. Night rides are some of the best rides.

Cycling on the ice has never been so fun with the Ice Byk Ice Trike. Drift away on the trail day or night with low rider suitable for kids and the older kids (adults).

Looking to learn to skate, try our novelty skating assists, Betty the Beluga, Bobby the seal, Buddy the dog, Tommy the reindeer and the mini-zamboni. When you get tired, use them as a seat and have someone push you for an ice ride. Our friends aren’t just for kids and offer a skating support for all ages. Have a rink at home or in your community, contact us about taking our friends home with you.

Try something new this winter, hit the ice in new ways and spend more time outdoors.

Get Moving. Get Fresh Air. Get Outside.