December 21, 2021

Our white gold

Our white gold

Welcome Canada’s White Gold!

The snow, or “White Gold” as we like to call it, has arrived! It’s around this time of year that Winnipeg officially changes to Winterpeg. While we know the cold is going to set in with the cold, let’s remember the joys of winter! Think hot beverages from our local coffee shops, warm layers that allow us to adventure, and the benefits of vitamin D from the sun glistening off the snow (it doesn’t only come from a hot beach vacation)! We are all kids at heart and despite the cold, let’s all have a wonderful time this winter. We encourage you all to put on your winter gear and throw that first snowball.

We are so excited to adventure with you all again this winter. If you’re new to Kendrick’s Outdoor Adventures,we can’t wait to meet you! If you’re back for more, welcome back! This winter take a ride on a fat bike (a two-wheeled winter sleigh!), cover paths less traveled on snowshoes, and so much more fun we have brought for winter.

We hope that through our rentals you gain a sense of appreciation for all that winter adventure offers us. (I mean, what else are we going to do this year…?)